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Chief Dual Swing Arm Desk Mount
Chief Dual Swing Arm Desk Mount
Chief's Dual Mount Swing Arm is our most popular solution. Easily attaches to desk and MOVO mount allows movement in any direction, simultaneously.
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Item #KCG-110

StandUp Sit/Stand System
StandUp Sit/Stand System
Research indicates a sit/stand workstation provides significant benefits to employees and employers. Work-related injury/illness can decrease 28%, lost time can decrease 82% and productivity can increase 17% with a sit/stand workstation.
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Item #SUP
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Flat Panel Filter
Specifically designed for today's flat panel LCD monitors, our Flat Panel Filters are easy to install and provide great eye protection.
NeatView Filter
The NeatView Filter is designed for people who spend two hours or more a day at their computers, sealing out ambient light and providing glare protection. Doors close to keep dirt away and add privacy.
Universal Contour Glare Filter
The Universal Contour Glass Eye Protection Filter is customizable to adapt to most work environments.

VMG Filter
VMG Filters are easy to install and provide exceptional eye protection benefits.