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Chief Dual Swing Arm Desk Mount
Chief Dual Swing Arm Desk Mount
Chief's Dual Mount Swing Arm is our most popular solution. Easily attaches to desk and MOVO mount allows movement in any direction, simultaneously.
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Item #KCG-110

Freestyle Incline
Freestyle Incline
Freestyle Incline provides a moderate fixed tenting angle and adjustable splay.
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Item #Fr-I
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Assisted Inversion Pro
The Inversion Pro provides padded, half circle handlebar assists for easier inversion and easier return.
Back Revolution Home/Light Commercial
The Back Revolution® is the most stress free way to Decompress the Spine, Relieve Back Pain, promote flexibility, reduce stress, increase strength, and is safe/easy to use.
F5000 & F7000 Inversion Table
Teeter is the standard for Inversion Tables. Some are less expensive, but Teeter models are the industry standard.

F9000 Inversion Table
Ideal for back pain sufferers, the F9000 offers an easy to reach ankle clamp lever that reduces the strain on your back.

Inversion Stretch Station (55-1527)
The three-position table rotates to a complete range of inversion angles- from a full upright position, to a level horizontal position, to a full vertical position to allow for choose of angle for comfort.

Inversion Therapy Table
This inversion table has three adjustment settings on the pivot arms to control rotation speed and folds for easy storage.

Seated Inversion Core Training System
This inversion system's chair has a curved backrest, inverts to 6 positions, and extends the spine to help relieve pressure on vertebrae and disks at less of an inversion angle.