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NeatView Filter
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The NeatView Filter is designed for people who spend two hours or more a day at their computers, sealing out ambient light and providing glare protection. Doors close to keep dirt away and add privacy.
  • Six layers of superior optical coating on each side reduce up to 99% of glare and reflections.

  • Coatings are molecularly bonded to glass, using vacuum deposition technology.

  • Unique contour design enhances CRT appearance.

  • Wrap-around design with patented foam gaskets seals out dust and light.

  • Dry-erase door for notes/reminders.

  • Built-in clip board

  • Ideal for curved monitors.

  • Privacy option allows confidential data to be clearly read in front of the monitor, yet distorted when viewed from an angle.

  • Doors offer privacy from prying eyes

  • Fits 15" to 18" monitors.
  • Static Field Reduction: 99%.
  • UV Shielding: 95%; UVA: 77.4%; UVB: 100%.
  • Durability: Meets or exceeds all applicable requirements of MIL-C-675, MIL-C-48497, MIL-C-14806A.
  • Optical Qualities: Photopic reflectance of .25% or less.
  • Available in 31% standard tint or 62% light tint.

Colors: Putty Gray or Black
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