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Spirit 660
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The Spirit 660 Arm-and-Leg Cycle™ model locks together the arm and leg crank-arms.
  • This integrated-crank-arm system also alternates your arm motions and leg motions. Your arms and legs raise and lower in an alternating rhythm – and not a jerky "right arm-leg" and "left arm-leg" monotonous series
  • Because of the shorter lower/leg crank-arms, your legs flex and move slower than your arms – providing a smooth, coordinated, and balanced arm-and-leg workout
  • 18-lb. iron internal flywheel for smooth operation
  • Locking, variable angle adjustments for comfort
  • Easily set variable resistance
  • 1:3 ratio arm-to-leg gearing for easier leg motion
  • Ear-clip pulse sensor circuit is incorporated to integrate reading with RPM and torque for "pulse-controlled protocol"
  • Short-radius lower/leg crank-arms for reduced hip and knee range
Electronic digital display of speed, pedal RPM, total pedal revolutions, distance traveled, distance up, distance down, elapsed time, remaining time, time up, time down, calories burned, autoscan, pulse monitor (ear-clip), and beeping pedal rate.
Available in Purple, and Silver
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Add Headrest
- Add Headrest (standard is without a headrest) (Add $205.00)
Safety Chest Strap
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