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Electronic Task Mate
Electronic Task Mate
The adjustable TaskMate™ monitor and keyboard positioning unit is the ideal for sit/stand workers. Perfect alternative of an adjustable height workstation.
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With the Stance, you periodically alter positions to avoid static loading of the body. Single posture chairs require fidgeting to avoid static work positions. Fidgeting helps but does not provide sustained relief.. With Stance, actual postural re-positioning is achieved for sustained comfort in many "Stances".
Intense work style? If you log 8+ hours at your computer or in a desk chair each day, you spend four months of every year sitting! The Stance® angle chair lets you move comfortably through your workday without leaving your desk. Simple, fingertip controls make it easy to move from sitting to kneeling to reclined standing and everything in between.

The Stance® angle chair ensures proper distribution of body weight for nearly every body shape and size. Its simple angle and height controls, along with lumbar-supporting back and the leg cushion, provide optimal postural support for infinite positions, including the single most-beneficial position: "neutral posture".

Posture shifting is one of the best things you can do for your body, your outlook, and your performance at work.

Stance addresses these critical health issues:
  • Reduces gravity pressure on the skin surface by distributing pressure more evenly
  • Increases breathing and fluid flow bring oxygen to the brain and aiding in removal of carbon dioxide and such waste products
  • Reduces muscle and ligament stress with upper body balance, reducing arm, neck and back pain
  • Increases arm, leg and spinal movement, reducing stiffness and pain.
Breathable Fabric
Black fabric upholstery is a 3D stretch knit that hugs the chair, conforms to your body, and breathes. It’s pleasing to the touch, and resists stains and lint.
Spring Back
Spring back allows you to lean back, stretch and relax.
Foot Pad
Precisely angled and padded to promote comfort for you feet and legs. Textured material resists scuff marks and dirt.
Smooth, 3” casters roll easily for repositioning. Kind to carpets too.
  • Powder coated base & frame
  • 12" leg cushion range
  • Back: 20"W x 17"L
  • Seat: 21"W x 21"Deep
  • 4.5" Armrest adjustment
  • 20 degree footrest angle
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Check to make chair Black Vinyl (standard is Black Fabric
Check Here to make chair in Black Vinyl instead of Black Fabric (Add $160.00)
Add Memory foam to Knee Pad and Seat (Add $125.00)
Add Locking Casters instead of standard casters (Add $35.00)
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